covenant membership

Becoming a part of a church family is more a covenant relationship than a mere casual connection. The Bible teaches that full devotion to Christ and His cause should be normal for every believer.  Therefore, being a member of The Brook is not a spectator sport, but involves a measure of commitment and participation. Members of our church participate in membership orientation and express devotion to ministry in and through the church according to their giftedness, interests, and time availability. This is where the true joy and benefit of a church family is found!

Starting Points

Starting Points is offered every few weeks after our weekend services to say “Welcome!”
We invite you to come and hear our church’s story and allow us the opportunity to say hello.

New Member Orientation

This class explains the vision, mission, beliefs and strategy of our church, as well as the vital role that members play at The Brook. This is a required course for church membership, although you may attend without obligation.  Lunch & childcare are provided by RSVP.

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