Real People meeting real needs

Our goal is to help you find your best next step in your lifelong discipleship journey.

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We are a both/and church. We want to focus on outreach and discipleship. This means that we believe both discipleship and outreach are equally important to a church that seeks to be in the center of God’s will.

We are working hard to provide more opportunities to help you find the best next step in your lifelong discipleship journey and we have some exciting new opportunities in the works for the new church year:

  • Invest in the Next Generation (Kids and Youth Ministry) 
  • Care for those with Special Needs (Super Friends) 
  • Provide an option to find Christian friendships (Community Groups) 
  • Hospitality to those who choose to join us on Thursdays and Sundays (Service & Events, Worship Arts, & Facilities) 

When a church is effective, its outreach success creates opportunities for those who attend to grow spiritually by meeting the pressing needs that come with new people finding a church home