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Pastor Search Updates

The Brook Church is in a Lead Pastor Search. Please find updates from our elder team on the progress.

Elder Update | April 2020

Hello Brook Church,

We are excited to share the progress that has been made regarding our Lead Pastor search. The elders and Pastor Search Team prayerfully and thoroughly reviewed seven profiles for the Lead Pastor position - a list that was narrowed down from 80 total applicants. The profiles were very in depth; including resumes, links to previous sermons, and lots of revealing Q&A's.

Of these seven, we have decided to move forward with three candidates. The next steps involve a series of interviews for each candidate, and their wives will also be included in the interview process. The interview process has already begun, and will likely continue to develop over the next 4-6 weeks.

Please continue to pray for The Brook, our search team, our elders, and our candidates. There are tough decisions to be made, but the God we serve is tougher, and our church has proven resilient!

The Elder Team
(Todd Fisk, Noel Kersh, Justin Tyger)
Elder Update | December 2020
Noel Kersh, an elder at The Brook Church, shares an update on our Pastor Search.
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