What makes you angry?

Jan 16, 2022
Key Question: What makes you angry? Just because you know that you should keep your cool doesn’t mean you will always choose to do it. We hope this question allows k\you to discover the sorts of moments and situations where you will feel angry. As you identify these moments, we pray that you’ll also figure out how to keep calm during a stressful situation.
We look at 1 Samuel 24 at a crucial moment in David’s life. He’s been anointed as the next king
of Israel, but King Saul is still around, and he’s out to get David. As David is on the run from King Saul, he discovers the perfect opportunity to take out King Saul and be done with their feud. David paused and realized that taking matters into his own hands was not what God wanted for him. He didn’t let anger control his actions.
Bottom Line: Don’t be controlled by your anger. Anger is a natural response to difficult situations. How we handle that anger is essential. As we learn to trust God no matter what, we discover how we can control our anger and not let it get the better of us. God can give us what we need to find ways to think and calm down
before making an unwise decision that hurts others or