The Brook Youth

It’s our passion to create the BEST DAY OF THE WEEK for 6-12 grade students in the Tomball area. We do this by creating environments that encourage students to come back with their friends! Our goal at YOUTH is to connect your student to leaders, other students, and, most importantly, to the God who created them and wants to have an eternal relationship with them.



Crews are an incredible way for your student to stay connected weekly to a group of students similar in age. Crews meet after a message during BREAKFAST CLUB on Sundays.


Breakfast Club meets on Sundays at 9:15 & 11am. 

It is designed to be a great entry point to the YOUTH ministry here at The Brook. 


We host camps, retreats, and events throughout the year that that offer more opportunities for your student to engage. Registration for Summer Camp is currently closed.

Stay up to date with YTH happenings on our instagram @BRK_YTH

Email us HERE for more info.