thursday service faq

Will we now have four worship services instead of three?

No. The 8:00AM worship service will go away. After two years of faithfully working and providing the 8:00AM worship service, we have seen that worship time plateau as far as the number of people attending (40-50 people) and our inability to get new people from outside the church to come. While we are so grateful for the people who attend, from a stewardship and a staff resource standpoint, we believe we need to try something different. So, beginning March 3 we will no longer provide the 8:00AM service.

Does the schedule for the Sunday worship services change?

Yes. New worship times on Sunday are 9:15AM and 11AM. Now instead of a 60-minute service, our service will be 70 minutes long. We will be able to have ample time for worship singing and sermon, but also special emphases (interviews, videos, testimonies), and more time for reflecting and responding to God’s Word at the end of worship. We will be able to do this without impacting the 30-minute break between services that is strategically designed for people to visit and fellowship, for children’s ministry turnaround, parking ingress/egress, and volunteer preparation. With the extended worship times, we are going to allow people the opportunity to participate in Communion at least once per month on Sundays and on Thursdays. Many have requested this over the years and we’re excited to offer it.

When does Thursday PM begin and what time will the service be?

It begins Thursday, March 7 and will be from 6:30PM-7:40PM. The service will be identical to Sunday.

Will there be children's ministry offered?

Yes. We will provide children's ministry that night for children (nursery through grade 5).
While there is the possibility of a future student ministry group meeting that night, students (grades 6-12) are encouraged at this time to attend the adult worship service.

It seems difficult to get everyone home, fed and to the church by 6:30PM. Can you help?

We understand. As a way of helping people arrive on time from work, and to help families with dinner, we will provide food at a low cost that can be eaten quickly and easily in the lobby. Food will begin to be served at 6:00PM.

What about burnout of volunteers?

Our objective is to not burnout volunteers in this process. We believe that eliminating the 8:00AM service will offset this some, but it is our goal to enlist a core group of committed “pioneers” who will serve On Mission to make Thursday nights a success. Our goal is to enlist new volunteers. Would you consider serving On Mission either weekly, once per month or once per quarter on Thursday evenings to help us reach people?

What about ReUnion that takes place on Wednesdays and other Bible study opportunities?

ReUnion will remain the same. We believe ReUnion is too important to touch it or minimize it. It will still be that time when “the whole church” can gather together to celebrate, worship and fellowship every 8 weeks. Periodically, we offer Bible study series, seminars and prayer nights during the week. While we may move them to other weekdays, we will still have them and invite people to participate. In the spring, we have plans for Financial Peace University, prayer and worship nights, and a building relationships Bible study series.

What about special Sunday events after church?

Starting Points, our 20-30 minute introduction to the church for newcomers, will be held on Thursday evenings right after worship, as well as on Sundays. To help those who want to become members but who cannot attend the membership class on Sundays, we will provide a video class that they may watch and then, in consultation with one of our connect team members, be assimilated into the body life of the church. Regarding Team Day, it will be our goal to get as many people as possible to come on the weekend of Team Day, as well as to any other church-wide Sunday events.

Which service should I attend?

Whichever worship time suits you best. Your service in the church and worship attendance can be suited to what best fits your schedule. Some will welcome Thursday evenings as their new worship time every week. Others will drop in periodically. When you’re traveling on the weekend or cannot be at church on Sundays, join us on Thursday nights! Also, use this service as a tool to reach out to friends, coworkers and neighbors you know who are unchurched and cannot come on weekends.