Our vision for the next two years is to present the gospel UNHINDERED and move forward as a church in faith and freedom. As we step into an exciting new chapter of our story, we do so with unified vision and purpose.

UNHINDERED is our two-year discipleship and ministry initiative that allows us to Expand our Reach, Deepen our Connections, and Depend on Christ. 
Watch our vision video below.

How Can I Join the UNHINDERED Journey? 

There has been no more important time in our church than what’s before us. Here's how you can jump in and join us on this UNHINDERED journey:
Pray for a new, fresh experience of God’s Spirit to sweep across our church. Pray that God would use this time for people to come to faith in Christ, find healing, be restored, and be renewed in Jesus. That all of us will take our BEST NEXT STEP in Jesus.

 Watch our UNHINDERED sermon series.  Click here to find the series.

As you get information, ask God how you (and your family) can participate in our two-year vision. Our primary goal is 100% engagement. At the end of this, we want to celebrate the full participation of everyone in the church family. We are on a journey together—please don’t miss being a part of its launch!


Meggie’s Story

Anna’s Story

Member of The Brook Church

Member of The Brook Church

As a knee jerk reaction to being out of work right now I want to cut all expenses and believe me we have cut many!
But God is asking for our obedience first, which is our UNHINDERED commitment and personal monthly commitment we make as a family to Charity Water. All my trust in Him FIRST!
Always reminding myself that it is not my dollar to begin with, but HIs, entrusted in me and I am to steward accordingly.
I grew up Greek Orthodox and it was more culture than religion or faith. As such, there was no concept of “tithe” in my family. When I first started going to church, I was happy to throw in my $5 or $20 here and there, or to give for specific fundraisers as we had done growing up, but that was all.  About 10 years ago, I visited a church and the pastor emphasized — only give what you can out of a joyful heart. If putting money in the plate makes you feel resentful or negative, then keep it. God does not want it. Give joyfully or not at all. That really gave me pause.

After that, I started small. I felt comfortable with $20 a week. I later moved to auto-pay, and scheduled $40 every paycheck. Not nearly tithing, but it was a start — and I felt good about that. From there, I regularly increased the amount. Sometimes in small increments, like an additional $20.  After a while, I realized I was actually tithing and I could do it joyfully.

Going from nothing to 10% — or any amount of significance, can seem daunting. However, giving something felt really good. Increasing it over time helped me overcome my family past and old habits. I pray others feel the nudge to start somewhere...big or small. Of course, Tony and I have our own Unhindered, best next steps and our prayers are that God would work those in our lives.