unhindered goals

Primary Goal: 100% Participation

We want 100% of those who call The Brook home to join God and us on our UNHINDERED journey. 

Secondary Goal: $5.4 Million

Our total goal over the next 24 months is $5.4 million. This represents the resources that it will take to make UNHINDERED a reality.


Objective #1: We must EXPAND OUR REACH to fulfill the great commission and reach people who are far from God. 

  • By providing more adult worship space through the expansion of our current worship facility. This includes enlarging the existing lobby for more fellowship and greeting areas, increasing worship seating from 225 to 347, and giving our worship building a quality facelift.
  • By creating more hospitality for guests with a larger reception area, restrooms, coffee and information center.
  • By increasing our missions involvement, funding and personnel.
  • By completing the back half of our Kids Ministry building to make more room for families.
  • By constructing more parking, drainage and utility infrastructure.  
  • By further enhancing our worship, media and online live stream services.


Objective #2: We must DEEPEN OUR CONNECTIONS to build life-giving community so that Christian friendships develop and spiritual growth occurs.

  • By providing a more functional reception display in our lobby for community group signups and information.
  • By hiring a Connections Ministry Director responsible for turning honored guests into cherished family in our church.
  • By hiring a full-time Community Pastor.
  • By increasing resources for both our Connections Ministry and our Community Ministry.

depend on christ

Objective #3: We must DEPEND ON CHRIST so that we may witness a unique work of God in our church and community that is beyond our own strength and power.

  • By discipling our people in challenging them to pray, read and study God’s Word, and join others in an UNHINDERED faith journey. 
  • By inspiring our people to Depend on Christ in the area of financial stewardship and develop a generous heart.  
  • By corporately trusting God for our future through full participation, bold prayer and steps of faith that illustrate real dependence upon Jesus.  
  • By providing increased weekly discipleship opportunities through midweek studies, workshops, and seminars. 
  • By teaching our church about bold faith in Christ through our sermon series UNHINDERED.


Here are the renderings for our plans to enlarge the existing lobby and greeting area for more fellowship, expansion of our current worship center-increasing seating, and completing the back half our of Kids Ministry building.