unhindered resources

There has been no more important time in our church than what’s before us. Here's how you can jump in and join us on this UNHINDERED journey: 

  • Pray for a new, fresh experience of God’s Spirit to sweep across our church. Pray that God would use this time for people to come to faith in Christ, find healing, be restored, and be renewed in Jesus. That all of us will take our BEST NEXT STEP in Jesus.
  • Be present in the worship service each Thursday or Sunday for the six weeks of UNHINDERED. Please attend IN PERSON if at all possible. We are handing out material each week and the communal experience with other members is important. Get your child or teen here too as they will have special teaching and experiences with UNHINDERED. If you just cannot be present, be sure to watch online.
  • As you get information, ask God how you (and your family) can participate in our two-year vision. Our primary goal is 100% engagement. At the end of this, we want to celebrate the full participation of everyone in the church family. We are on a journey together—please don’t miss being a part of its launch!

Pick up your UNHINDERED Vision Book at a weekend service, click here to view the PDF, or access the booklet on The Brook Church app.