Our Story

How it all started...

The Brook Church began on Sunday, January 22, 1995 in the living room of Pastor Mike and his wife Tammy. Along with four other couples, the dream was to establish a church of authentic faith and life-giving relationships in Christ. Based upon Acts 2:42-47, the statement “real people, finding real hope, in the real world” captured the vision this small group felt for the church.

25 years later, The Brook Church continues to live out and explore the vision of being real people, finding real hope, in this real world. 

Our Spiritual Growth Path

We believe our spiritual growth is a lifelong process of becoming an authentic follower of Jesus is multidimensional and includes at least four core commitments: discovering God's presence and power in your life, growing in faith and love for Jesus, connecting in authentic Christian relationships, and serving others with joy.


Our vision for the next two years is to present the gospel UNHINDERED and move forward as a church in faith and freedom.

As we step into an exciting new chapter of our story, we do so with unified vision and purpose. UNHINDERED is the title of our two-year discipleship and ministry initiative that allows us to Expand our Reach, Deepen our Connections, and Depend on Christ.